Erkan Kiraz's Memoires

Cumartesi, Temmuz 09, 2005

A Frenchman In the City of Izmit

A Frenchman In the City of Izmit (1)

We all woke up around 08:00 o’clock in the morning. Our oldest daughter Bengisu attends Private Supplementary School and we had to take her to school. My wife, Hanife, prepared breakfast for her. Later on the rest of us also woke up. We all had our breakfast together. We were going to the Kelebek Mobilya (2) early that morning. Yesterday evening we had gone to shop for furniture. After having chosen what we liked, we bought two sets of furniture, one for our bedroom and the other for the kitchen.

When we got ready to leave home, my elder sister, Heyecan Kiraz called me on the phone. The plot of vacant land we are going to rent is being readied for cleaning and leveling. She asked me to bring her digital camera. I told her to please wait for us along the side road just for a while. We then drove to the county of Derince (3). When we arrived I took the side road to 44 Evler quarter. My older sister was waiting for us at the corner. Bengisu ran over to give her the camera. After Bengisu got back in the car, we were on our way.

First we took Bengisu to her School downtown. She had an examination at 10:00 o’clock. I entered from Eski Garajlar into downtown and turned to the upper section of Yuruyus Way. I stopped along the way and let Bengisu out. I then drove further along the way and before the Fevziye Mosque, crossed to the other side of the way. I drove along Istiklal Street until turning into Leyla Atakan Street. I entered the main way of D-100, and then turned right through Eski Golcuk Way (Sefa Sirmen Boulevard). We were going the furniture storehouse of Kelebek Mobilya at the west bank of the BP Gasoline Station adjacent to Outlet Shopping Mall. I parked my car in the lot.

It took us nearly ten minutes to complete our order and purchasing agreement (4). We left the furniture storehouse and went to Migros Shopping Center. We liked their two ground cushions. We purchased the cushions and after having paid for them we proceeded to The Grand Yukselis Hotel (5) to pick up Jean-Paul Chiriot (6). He’s the French guy (7) who has come to Izmit city to install some machinery for the Nuh Cement Factory (8) located in Hereke (9) County. Our youngest daughter Aybuke Beren had asked me to buy her some candies and wafers. We did not wish to make her unhappy and did as she expected. Along with the two cushions we had now bought a few candies and wafers (10).

We put what we had bought in the luggage of our car and left for the Grand Yukselis Hotel. I had Aybuke Beren stay at this hotel before but didn’t remember when. She had not forgotten. She reminded me that it was when I had taken her to visit her Hungarian brother, Mr. Jozsef Nemes (11). While Hanife and Aybuke Beren were sitting in the comfortable luxurious leather chairs in the lobby, I approached the reception desk asking for the clerk to make a call to Jean-Paul Chariot’s room. He come down immediately after the call. I introduced him to Hanife and Aybuke Beren.

We left through the rotating main door of the hotel and got into our car. I turned back and said Jean-Paul Chiriot that first, as I promised my daughter Aybuke Beren, we would be going to the small lake in the Fair Area nearby to feed the ducks and geese there with dried loaves of bread. Afterward, we would drop the cushions of at our new house in Kentsa. Then we'd be free to take my wife and daughter to our other home. He said kindly that it is up to you. Don't mind me. That won't be a problem.

My daughter was enchanted when she saw white and colored ducks, approaching white and big geese and also Tokat Ducks. She has shied away while feeding them. Whenever the animals saw that we are giving them something to eat, they started to approach us. They started to quarrel among themselves to catch what we are throwing away into the water. The strong and bigger ones were the winners while the weaker and smaller ones were left behind.

There were some trees in the isle near the lakeshore. On the top of it a big and colorful bird had perched on a poplar tree and stood there very still, as if it was an artificial bird. It had a red beak and there were some red lines between its feathers. At the first we thought that it is really a decoy to attract other birds to the lake. However when we examined it more closely, it was turning his head around and looked like an eagle

The wild ducks and cormorants were looking in the distance to see what was happening in the lakeside while they were swimming in the middle of the lake. The seagulls were also flying up and down to see if there was any chance for them to dive and catch a piece of bread.

When the dried and stale loafs of bread were gone we left the lake to return to our car. Some early morning joggers were going around the lake for their weekend leisure. We went to our Kentsa home to leave the cushions. Upon returning we dropped by at Irfan Koc’s (12) home presenting our gift on the occasion of their move to their new house. We would leave the gift of a doormat and give our home’s keys for the events of New Year celebration. We said a hello at the doorstep. We chatted at the door but didn't want to go inside even if they welcomed us into their home.

We placed the doormat in front of their main door and said bye bye to Irfan Koc’s Family. After having dropped off my wife and daughter at our other house, I drove my car to get it washed at any open car-wash shop nearby. For months we could have not find a suitable time for getting our car washed. It was completely covered all over with thick mud and dust inside. We found an open car-wash shop at a place on the way leading to Derince County. There were not many cars waiting for their turn. We waited only ten or fifteen minutes for the turnaround. It did not take long them to wash my car. One guy began cleaning the interior sides of the car while another guy started washing it with a spring water gun. Washing was not perfect and the drier service guy had not done a good job of cleaning every the car. Anyhow I asked what I owed and paid the price (13).

I thought to myself that I would take Jena-Paul Chiriot to a special Turkish place. In my mind there was a place both authentic and exotic, called Sark Kahvesi, an Orient Turkish Café in Yarimca (14) County. In the past and today it was splendid. The day was like a spring day. It was a cloudless and sunny day. We entered the café after I parked my car in front. Jena-Paul Chiriot found the interior more fascinating and better than he'd expected. We have opted to sit at a table placed in the garden. The table we chose was placed next to a Cinar Agaci (Plane Tree) whose branches were scattered and stretched wide around in parallel to the ground. There were posts set supporting some branches from the undersides.

My cigarette package was finished off. I asked for someone to help me find a nearby buffet for buying a pack of Muratti Ambassador. Before going out I had given an order for two cups of Turk Kahvesi (Turkish Coffees), one is Sekerli (with sugar) and the other is Sade (black, without sugar). The Turkish Coffees were brought before us in a special Sini (round copper bigger tray). There were two Bakir Cezve (a copper pot with long handle for making Turkish Coffees) full of foamy coffees, two porcelain Fincan (coffee cups), a bowl full of cubed sugars and besides them there were two pieces of small Lokum (Turkish Delight) in pink color. The delights were at top of two Kurdan (Tooth-sticks). Also there were two glasses of water for having a drink before or after coffees.

I took the Cezve and poured foamy coffee into my coffee cup. I bit a small piece of delight before sipping my coffee. It gives a different aromatized taste to one's mouth before having a sip of coffee. Jena-Paul Chiriot imitated me in the same way as I had. We were in deep chat while we were sipping our Turk Kahvesi (Turkish Coffees). There were some scars and wounds on the outer surfaces of Jena-Paul Chiriot’s hands. I asked what happened to your hands? He told all about what happened to him when they were testing and giving a trial to some automatic system in the Nuh Cement yard. He had fallen forward. “I had stretched my arms wide hands to protect against the fall to the ground. Some sections of my hands, arms and knees were scratched and wounded. The wounds were not serious. Immediately I was taken away into the factory infirmary. There was no need for hospitalization. I had not broken any bones in my arms or legs. I was lucky” Jean-Paul Chiriot added. We drank our coffees and stood up to leave. I paid the bill (15).

Weather was so fine that I wanted to enjoy it more by making a seaside tour starting from Tutunciftlik (16) County through Derince County. We were not in any hurry and not in any rush to reach our destination. I missed the turning point to Tutunciftlik County seaside because I was occupied with telling something to Jena-Paul Chiriot. After that I tried to find a proper mid road to get back to the main way. I was searching where and how I would reach the main street when a terrifying horn forced me to slam on the brakes. The way was a two-way road. Carefully I went first to the right, drove a little bit ahead and then took to the left and drove straight away ahead till the seaside.

There was a parking lot. We walked along the concrete seaside way up to the western side of shore. The shore in Tutunciftlik County resembles a crescent. The sea was clear and transparent like glass. The smell of sea and mosses was refreshing. We could see sands in the deep and watched the flamboyant jellyfishes swimming. Jena-Paul Chiriot showed me the jellyfishes that they grilled when he was a teenager, the jellyfishes on any plate in the seaside are supposed to give your body strength and make one more powerful. He said that the taste was no good but the thought of becoming stronger prevailed.

We returned back to the starting point. At this area there was a berth for landing passenger boats. I told him of my childhood and how happy I was when all these shores were full of sand, shells and swimming people instead of today’s concrete wall along the seaside. When we passed over to the eastward section there once was a splendid and wonderful beach, I was in great disgust and disappointment realizing that dirty sewage pipes was openly dumping all household wastewater and other dirty water directly into the sea.

The icy-color of water turned to a sewage color. Hungry seagulls were flying over for any chance of food. The bad smell of sewage bothered our noses. We clutched our nostrils tight with our fingers. There were some luxurious private villas within the greens and bigger trees just nearby on the northern edge of the dumping section. “Richness never means having no conscience for a clean and protected environment”, we said each to other looking at the adjacent houses.

We ended our tour and returned to my car at the parking lot. I followed a stabilized heart road through the bunch and reached the shores of Derince County. I did not stop at this area to look around. The way was half dried and half muddy. The area was like a free dumping place. Along the way there were many disturbing sections of construction remnants, trash and wastes. Nobody seemed uneasy for these disposals but me. Some sections of the way were under various ponds and mud. Luckily my car has some unseen wings and has a functionality that in need or requited it could swim and fly over those sections easily.

Directly passing under the railway bridge to upper quarters of 60 Evler District. I drove up to the Muhacir Mahallesi quarter hill to reach the old downtown of Derince County. This area was my childhood environment. My childhood past was nearly gone from the area. At those times there were not much dwelling around the area. Everywhere was open fields, covered with green grasses, fruit gardens and vineyards. I recognized a couple walking down when I was driving down from the hill. I pulled the car aside and put on the brakes. I rolled down my front right side window to say hello to them. They turned their face to car and saw me smiling wide to them. “What’s up? Where are you coming from?” I asked gingerly. “From nowhere we come.” Mr. Resat Kececi (17) said in reply. “Just we are on a weekend walking around our old neighborhood”. I wished them a happy and healthy weekend walking and kept on our way to old downtown.

I wanted to get Jean-Paul Chiriot to have a taste of Turkish Kokorec made from sheep intestines at the Ugur Kokorec (18) that is owned by Mr. Huseyin Turan. His shop and Kokorec Kebabs were tasteful and made of clean and sterilized intestines. Alas we were unlucky. The shop was closed. I said it is a pity to Jean-Paul Chiriot but we have another chance to taste Turkish Kofte (meatball) at another shop of which owner I also knew for years. Our new destination was Dilek Koftecisi (Meatball Shop).

The shop was nearly empty. Waiters were sitting in a corner when we entered into the shop. We preferred a window-side table. Before getting our order of food, it is a usual habit that sliced breads in a bowl and chili red pepper sauce in small glass bowls were brought to the table just after putting the fork, spoon and paper napkins before the customer. After allowing customers to dip a few small pieces of bread into chili red pepper sauce and be satisfied, later on orders are taken. I said two portions of meatball please. The least but not last another free offer servicing customer is one full bottle of Salgam Suyu (Turnip Juice) together with small glass for drink.

The Odun Ekmegi (bread cooked by wooden charcoal) smelled so nice and inviting. The meatballs were put over the grill when were occupied by dipping our small bread pieces into chili red pepper sauce and drinking small glasses of Salgam Suyu (turnip Juice). Jean-Paul Chiriot finished everything in his sauce bowl. “You wanna another bowl of sauce?” I asked him. He replied by smiling approvingly. The second bowl was on the table. I had cut off our conversation on local and international affairs of human beings’ daily life. The main and only important event for both of us was sending the tasteful meatballs into our stomachs. In the meantime my phone was ringing. I took my handy phone to my ear with my third hand while both of my two hands were occupied with only eating affairs.

My wife asked me to bring home mushrooms for her as she was preparing dinner for the evening. It was a request but taken as an order. Never a forgettable one. My reply was yes, okay. Accept it is done already. When we finished our meals I stood up and went to the cashier. Jean-Paul Chiriot said no it is my turn paying please. I agreed on what he said. He paid the price by credit card. I took the receipt for my recordings (19).

I drove on main way of D-100 sometime and after first traffic lights took to the left into Cenesuyu quarter. We left the car at mid road in the western side of Çenesuyu Park. I wanted a haircut and shave. My barbershop, after the terrible Marmara Quake occurred at August 17th, 1999 was located around here. It seems there were many customers waiting their turns at Berat Berber shop. However when I asked how many people are at queue, I learnt that there were only two customers. I waited just for fifteen minutes. I had a short look at the daily newspapers. Huseyin Berat, the owner of shop, has offered us, one glass of Turkish Tea for me and one cup of Turkish coffee for Jean-Paul Chiriot. The chair was empty and I had a seat on it. First my hair was cut off so short and after it I had a shave while nearly falling into a sweet sleep in the comfortable chair as usual. I paid the price and we returned to my car (20).

I stopped in front of grocery shop of Kar-cit. I bought a newspaper named Milliyet Gazetesi from adjacent Paper Kiosk and asked the grocery shop seller guy if there is any fresh mushrooms. He nodded positively. I asked him to give me a little amount then. He weighed the mushrooms and put them into a bag and handed it tome. I paid the price and went to my car (21). I have left the mushrooms to take home. My wife, Hanife warned me about not returning so late in the evening. I made my return to downtown of Izmit city over the Sirintepe Hill. I wished Jean-Paul Chiriot to have a chance to look down over the Fatih Quarter towards the Gulf Of Izmit. On the hill I slowed down for a while for easy looking down the bay from the hill. I have shown him the seaside and my old dwelling place until the quake happened. When we are driving through I was thinking to take him to the upper hills of Izmit to show him a bird’s eye view of Izmit city. The most proper place for a bird’s eye views was Yenimahalle Radar Hill. From that hill the panorama was quite fascinating and spellbinding.

I got angry myself for turning to Radar Hill. The main and side ways all were under construction, full of mud and many ponds. I have just got my car washed. What was it all about! I made my mind immediately and decided to return back. The natural gas lines were getting laid around the quarter. Every corner and point was dug out and they never closed the trenches. Forget the trenches but why should I cope with mud and dirty watered ponds? I did not want my car to again get covered with mud and dirt sticking dust.

I drove my car back and took the upper bridge in front of the Izmit Kapali Ceza & Tutukevi (Izmit Covered Jail). I reached the main way. We would go to the Izmit seaside. I had recently got information that there was an interesting and good place for Narghile-lovers. We would seek that special Nargile (22) Kahvesi (Narghile Café). I was driving slowly and tracing the wide seaside area for a place, which matches what I have been described, and a vacant parking lot for parking my car. It was turning dark and evening was approaching. At last I found a vacant parking lot and parked. It was turning evening. Weather was still semi-lighted but it was getting darker and darker. I parked my car at a place near to Fish Restaurants.

I have been given some information that here or around there should be a Nargile Café but where was that damn place! I could not manage to recognize the place. Jean-Paul Chiriot said that it should be the building that was a little bit far back of us. I was completely puzzled down with what Jean-Paul Chiriot said to me! How do you know it was left a little far back of us then man? I asked with great curiosity! He said there was a colorful light emblem showing Narghile on the main gate of that building. He was right. I could not remember that I had seen any lighted sign on the wall. How could he manage to see from the car window that damn sign I wondered myself from the inner! Damn it I was saying, one could have supplied more detailed description if ever giving any recommendation for a place.

We started to walk towards that building. It was a one-story building. Its main gate was on the northern side. I saw that Narghile sign to the left side of door. It was a two-color sign. Green and red. The upper section of the door it was written the name of Lunasan Café. Inner of the building was almost much wider and consisted of three sections. One section was filled for general seating places, second one was reserved for children entertainment and third one was for playing-card players and Bridge players. From the entrance to the right there was the cashier section. We just interrupted after we got inside and had a short look at inner side.

There was a separation between the eastern section and main saloon. On the wooden wall there hung many pictures and various authentic stuff. On the ground there were some wide copper Sini (round copper bigger tray) and Divans and Sedirs (seating places like to bed but shorter at the width). We liked that section and made a decision heading towards that corner. This section was decorated and allocated as Sark Kosesi (Orient Corner) (23). There were a few guys having fun water-pipe smoking. Waiter just arrived after our seating. Asked what would you like to have? Turned my face to Jean-Paul Chiriot and asked him his selection. He said one water-pipe with Apple and one cup of Turkish coffee in black. Water pipe only served with Apple. There were no other choices such as Cappuccino, Orange etc.

Another waiter brought our water-pipes. I would for first time have a taste of Narghile. The charcoals were red on top of it. Jean-Paul Chirot was accustomed to it. He has gotten much experience when he was staying in UAE. But it was a first time for me. I knew nothing about how to smoke it. There was a hose-like a long section and at the end of it there was an inhaling end. In it the Marpus (24) was inserted. The Marpus was made of hard plastics. It was not very soft for the lips. If one was not attentive it could cause some scratches to the mouth.

The system consisted of two sections. It was like a bottle. In the bottle there was water. Bottle color was a deep denim color. On the outer surface there were some relieves and designs. The hose was connected to the belly of that bottle. In the mid section of device there was a narrowed section from which the smoke goes down into water. To the upper section of narrowed belly there existed the burning room and around the burning room there was a surrounded plate like section. On the plate like section a device was placed. It was the charcoal-holder and to the end of charcoal-holder a stainless steel punching needle was connected. The steel needle was used for making extra holes when required.

In the burning-room there were tobacco leaves. The burning room was closed with aluminum foil. The foil was punched with a few holes. From those holes the require air was sucked into the bottle. Over the aluminum foil there placed the rouge charcoals. I asked Jean-Paul Chiriot why Arabs call it with “Sise” or “Shishe”. He said it looks like a bottle maybe because of that reason. Then I asked what stands the Narghile for your information! He crossed his lips and made his eyebrows moved upper. It was just happened to me after when I asked Jean-Paul Chirot what was that burning stuff in English. Casually he replied by raising his shoulders “Charcoal”. Arabs say it as “Nar”. A light lit in my mind. In Arabic “Nar” means “charcoal”. In Turkish we were naming Pomegranate as “Nar”. Because there were “charcoal” like small pieces of balls in it. Then we decided that Arabs named the device resembling it “fire” and said it was a fire-burning apparatus.

After having two more glasses of Cay (spelt as Chai; Turkish Teas) we said to each other it is enough is enough to go out. We approved our decision by nodding to each other. I went to cashier and asked for a receipt to pay the bill (25).

We got out of Lunasan Café. We walked for a while towards the upper bridge. I have recognized that parking lots adjacent to the upper bridge was nearly empty. I said let us go back and take my car and leave it here as it so close the bridge. It would be safer and nearer for us. We climbed the steps slowly and passed over the main way and walked down northern side of it. We walked through the Ayakkabicilar Carsisi (Shoes Seller Covered Bazaar) and climbed to the Yuruyus Way. I wished to take Jean-Paul Chirot to the Kapanonu area for offering him Kokorec (spelt as Cocorech) (26). Kokorec Office was open and the tables were available. There seemed not many customers waiting for services.

The waiter asked me how would you like to have your Kokorec please? I said within half loaf of bread topped over spices and red pepper please. For drinks we preferred only plain drinking water. Acidulous beverages cause you to be thirstier. The breads were so fresh and crunchy. When I tended to pay at cashier Jean-Paul Chiriot said please it is my turn to pay this time. Please allow me to pay. I said okay guy. Here it is (27). I said my pal now our bellies were filled enough so let us have a short walk to a different place. If there they do offer beer we could spend some leisure time by having our water pipes also.

Unfortunate to our fortune they were not allowed to offer customers beer at those kinds of cafés. Those kinds of cafés were filled only with youngsters and they were not any bar or beer-houses. We made a return to another place through the same way. On the way Jean-Paul Chiriot was asking about a Turkish origin musical instrument resembling so much to a miniature violin. I said to him it is called as Kemence (Khemenché) (28) and played more commonly in the Black Seaside cities of Turkey. He wanted to buy one, as a souvenir however I did not know of any shop selling it. Let us ask some shop-owners about selling shops. I tried my chance of learning where there could be a musical instrument selling shop. Entered one shop and she directed me some other place. But at that shop it was not sold either. Again this shop-owner sent us to another place. We at last found the shop. However to our bad luck it was closed. I recommended Jean-Paul Chiriot you may easily come and find this shop after leaving your work and just before going to your hotel.

We returned back from the closed shop. I had written down the name of musical instruments seller shop and address on a small piece of paper. I showed him there is a mosque in front of shop. You can easily find it. We would go a place in the Eski PTT Meydani area. Overthere there was many different beer-houses. “Select one” I said to Jean-Paul Chiriot. He said “Never mind, let us enter any one of them”. We chose one and it was placed at a second story. Climbed the stairs and entered into the pub. We went to the bar and had seats on the long chairs before the bar. “Please two glasses of Efes Birasi” (29) (Ephesus Beer) I asked for from bartender. When we were sipping our golden like foamy Turkish Efes Beers we turned our faces to the TV channel. There was Main News Headlines and their details on TV. It was Show TV Channel giving local and international news in flash basis. I asked for bartender to give us a plate of Cerez (spelt as Cheres; appetizer). He gave us only salty fried pistachio.

There was some sad news about the quake and its effects. Tsunami wave damage brought upon the shores of many islands of South Asian island countries. Pictures were soul searching. Biting and tear jerking. I felt my insides badly affected from what was shown on the TV screen. Local news was connected with some bank lifting by its owner and police now arrested that owner and he was put into jail until he was taken before the court. Bank name was Yurtbank. It was said that the arrested guy has emptied all his banks’ money and siphoned them into his private business affairs or placed them into his bank deposits within other countries’ foreign banks! I said “Fine, What a nice job it is!” “Collect money from ordinary people then without any hesitation siphon into your own account. What an easy life it is!”

At Surici area in Antalya city some wooden pension houses have been set fire. In spite of fire fighters involved in the extinguishing they could not manage to stop the fire. Three other wooden houses were burned down together with the first burning house. One person was trapped in the burning house. He has been rescued with razor thin chance. Jean-Paul Chiriot was watching TV news as if he understands Turkish language. He drank two glasses of beer and I had only one. I did not want to be caught by traffic checkpoint officers as a drunken driver. I asked for the receipt to pay our bill. The amount seemed to me much inflated. Anyhow I said to myself do not worry too much. I paid it and we left the bar (30).

We took the way to my car after getting out of beer house. I drove through Salim Dervisoglu Boulevard to Sefa Sirmen Boulevard. From there I turned to the Grand Yukselis Hotel. For the coming New Year the exterior of the hotel has been decorated with small electric bulbs inserted within a transparent hose. I dropped out Jean-Paul Chiriot at the ladders of Hotel’s main gate. I asked him if he was pleased with this night it is my pleasure too, and I will feel myself happy. Whenever you wish having fun outside the hotel please give a call and let me come and take you out at my convenient days’ nights. Wished him having a good night and a deep sleep. He replied “Same to you Erkan!”

I have arrived home. Our children were studying their homework with their friends in their room. On TV there were not much news details about the disaster that hit the South Asian island countries. However we Turks have experienced and lived nearly same bad conditions during the August 17th, 1999. I said to myself that it means that we disaster-ridden Turks have never got enough lessons from what we were driven into. On all the TV channels there were their normal idiotic programs but not any details about that terrible disaster. There were not any in-between news underlines passing through on the bottom section of screen. Even that kind of summarized news was enough for the sad and wondered listeners and TV watchers.

Around the mid night on TRT1 Channel, there was a film about Pearl Harbor Japanese attack. Pearl Harbor was a port bay in Hawaii Island firstly used as a military base and military aims by British Navy Forces. After British, Americans as a natural naval ships used the island and plane-ships resting place. When the World War II was steadily stretched far more tense till the Far East Basin by some powerful states like USA, Japanese felt and found themselves surprisingly that they were cut off from the petroleum and other natural resources ways by Americans. They felt forced to enter war with Americans in the Far East unintentionally. Japanese tries other peaceful ways while they are thinking other ways of such as attacking any important American Military Forces at any place in the area. Japanese know exactly that it probably will trigger worse actions against themselves in the end. But they felt themselves desperate and without any way out.

The Japanese Emperor explains His decision. A surprise air attack would be realized over American naval forces berthed peacefully in Pearl Harbor without any fear of Japanese air attack. Japanese managed to hide out their final aim and their attacking plan from the broadcastings and walkie-talkie communications. Americans would be hit at a time they never would expect. In the early a sunny morning of 7th December 1941, many Japanese warplanes swarmed in the air like mosquitos’ hordes start turning around over the naval base. American sailors caught without any alert and found themselves in the middle of a dense and terrifying air bombardment. Within hours many of the naval ships were sunk and around 3 thousand American navy soldiers, officers and commanders were killed within open areas, in the ships or sinking ships.

The Japanese warplane pilots were Kamikazes not expected to return back alive after attack. They were ordered so and also selected for this aim just as today’s self-suicide bomb exploder militants. Maybe Hassan Sabbah’s assasiyuns (assassins) became examples for the Japanese Kamikazes. Or Japanese Kamikazes became examples of today’s self-suicide bomb exploder militants. Either way who took themselves as sample which symbols, God knows this, the Pearl Harbor Japanese attack leads America to bomb many Japanese industrial cities and at the last Americans dropped Atom Bombs over Japanese cities of Nagazaki and Hiroshima to get final and total gain from the war and causing millions of civilians, babies, elderlies and ordinary people to turn into a light within the surrounding near or far away dwelling places.

I have watched the previous version of this film. Its original name was “Tora Tora”. In Japanese it means “Attack Attack”. This was another version. New famous players were in the list of actors. (J)

Descriptions & Footnotes
(1). Izmit; Ancient times city of Nicomedia. The city of King Nicomed. The king of Bithynian Kingdom. The second capital city of Roman Empire. Once the second most famous city for having the most marble statutes and monuments in the Roman Empire. Lived the Byzantium and Ottoman times. The birth and martyr place of St Barbara. The city in which Pliny The Younger has written his well-known “The Letters of The Plinius”. Its name changed in passing times from Niceomedia to Iznicomed, Iznicmid, Ismid, Ismidt and lastly the present form of Izmit.
(2). Kelebek Mobilya (Furniture); Uner Hali Mobilya Ithalat & Ihracat Turizm A.S: Sefa Sirmen Bulvari, Outlet Center, Tel: +90-262-335 33 31, Fax: +90-262-33 5 22 56. URL:, Email: [An ENKA company]. Free Info Line: +90-800-26184 04-05, Consumer Info Line: +90-216-446 82 32-33. URL: Izmit, Turkey.
(3). Derince; It is located on the western side at Izmit and nearly 8 km away from Izmit City center. Once it was my native town. Later on it has grown wide so fast and turned into a county. Its past dates far back to the times of Romans. Its first emergence into life starts with the passing of Haidarpasha-Izmit Railway Lines by Germans during 1873s.
(4). Bed room furniture set and dining table set for kitchen cost us totally TL 3,349,000,000 (YTL 3,3349. -). Out of this amount we have paid off TL 349,000,000 (YTL 349. -) in cash. Out of the balance, the amount of TL 1,200,000,000 (YTL 1,200. -) has been taken from credit card and the rest of TL 1,800,000,000 (YTL 1,800. -) was taken from Hanife’s credit card in the form of ten equal installments.
(5). Grand Yukselis Hotel; Sefa Sirmen Blvr, 41200. Tel: ++90- 0262-335 48 40, Fax: ++90- 0262-335 42 0. Izmit, Turkey.
(6). I knew Jean-Paul Chiriot by way of Mr. Nuno Ventura, the Portuguese guy who reached my by an email message after having made an Internet search about Izmit City. Nuno Ventura runs my Travel Essays and pictures uploaded in my Web Site
(7). Jean-Paul Chiriot; Claudius Peters Technologies, Erection & Commissioning Dept. GSM: +33-(0) 0855 74 80, Email: Cladius Peters Technologies S.A. 34 Avenue de Suisse-BP 269 F-63316 Illzach Cedex-France, Tel: +33 (0) 3 89 31 33 00, Fax: +33-(0) 3 89 6195 25, URL:
(8). Nuh Cimento Fabrikasi (Nuh Cement Factory); Hereke-Izmit-Turkey.
(9). Hereke; Ancient city of Heracles and Charax. During Ottoman times this small town becomes famous with its splendid silk hand-made carpets. The Germen Keiser Wilhelm pays a visit to this town with its huge Hohenzollern ship. For His Excellency’s Honor, a small pretty Kiosk has been made up within short time of one week at the side of Hereke Brook. Still this small Kiosk ever exists.
(10). Migros Turk A.S; Migros Outlet Center Shopping Storehouse. Ski Glum You Barrater Is Merles. Tel: +90-262-335 32 34-35. TL. Emit, Turkey.
(11). Josef Names; [BD: 1982, Father: Josef, mother: Beer Magdalena, sis & bros: Names Renate]. Work Address: Mechanical Engineer, Stanley Hungary, 3200, Gyongyos, Gabor Deenes, ut. 1. E-mails;, GSM: +36-20-495 92 01. Home Address: 5510 Devavanya Deak Ferenc Utca 85, Hungary. GSM: +36-30-627 99 38. E-mails;, Hungary.
(12). Irfan Koc; [father; Munir, mother; Nurhan, sis&bros; Ahmet, Orhan, children; Ozge, Ege Baran. wife; Ulku (Balkan)]. Home Address; [Kurucesme-Izmit. Home Phone: +90-262-226 49 25], Kentsa Sitesi, Home Phone: +90-262-319 29 38. GSM; +90-532-702 56 95. Work Address; Çelik Halat A.S.; Tel: +90-262-371 12 80-321, Fax: +90-262-321 94 76, Izmit, Turkey.
(13). Car Wash Service; on the way to Derince County. The price for outer surface and interior cleaning was TL 7,000,000 (YTL 7. -). I gave a banknote of TL 20,000,000. The guy has not any change in return. He asked me if I have any change of TL 2,000,000 banknotes. I had not any. I turned to Mr. Jean-Paul Chiriot and if you have any, could you please lend me. He gave over them and me too passed them to cleaner guy.
(14). Yarimca; It is placed at the western side of Izmit city and is far away approximately 20 km away. Its ancient name is Brunga. After it turned into a county its name converted into Korfez.
(15). Şark Kahvesi (Orient Teahouse); Yarpas AS. Lalezar Lokanta Isletmesi, Atalar Mah. Istasyon Yani, Te: +90-262-528 62 35, 26.12.04, Hour: 13:17, Receipt No: 18, Price; TL 3,000,000 (YTL 3. -). Two cups of Turkish Coffees. I have paid for one pack of Muratti Ambassador Cigarette TL 2,600,000 (YTL 2,60). Yarimca-Korfez. Izmit, Turkey.
(16). Tutunciftlik; A small county governed by local municipality. It is not an ancient place. During Ottoman times it was formed into a small range and named as “Derince Tutunciftligi”.
(17). Huseyin Turan; Ugur Meatball & Kokorech Shop; Istasyon Cad. No: 28, Tel: +90-262-229 18 58. Derince-Izmit, Turkey.
(18). Resat Keceei; [Father; Mustafa, mother; Naime, sis&bros; Zohre (Uyan) & Ufuk Cetin, wife; Ummuhan]. GSM: 532-415 51 16, “Turkish Ahiskan” origin. [His father was Derince County’s first Mail-Distributer. They have lived for many years in Muhacir Mahallesi district. His wife is still running Derince Apoteque. He undertook the chairmanship at KYÖD (2004). He is writing articles for Express Derince Newspaper]. Email;, Derince-Izmit, Turkey
(19). Dilek Koftecisi (Meatball Shop); Sebahattin Duray. Deniz Mah. Ankara Asfalti No: 321, Tel: +90-262-229 35 85. 26.12.04, Hour: 16:18, Receipt No: 3, Price; TL. 14,000,000 (YTL 14. -). Eskiyol-Derince-Izmit, Turkey.
(20). Berat Berber (barber Shop): Huseyin Ozcan. [1979, Eflani-Karabuk]. Cinarli Mah. Nihat Erim Cad. Cenesuyu-Derince-Izmit; Price for haircut and shaving TL 5,000,000 (YTL 5. -).
(21). Kar-Cit Cevre Duzeni ve Gida San. Tic. Ltd. Sti (Grocery Shop); Cinarli Mah. Ataturk Cad. No: 3, Tel: +90-262-223 18 17. mushroom TL 1,900,000 (YTL 1,90)and Milliyet Newspaper TL 300,000 (YTL) 60 Kurush). Cenesuyu-Derince-Izmit, Turkey.
(22). Nargile; Water-pipe. Narghile. In Arabic countries it is known as Sise or Shishe. It stands for bottle. An Arab device for having fun and entertainment by smoking longer hours from long pipe. The smoke inhaled from the device passes through the water within the downer bottle.
(23). Şark Koşesi; The Orient Corner. The more comfortable place decorated with older antiques and sedir and divans for having ease seats.
(24). Marpuş; A Persian word comes from marpich and stands for a small tube made of plastics and it is inserted at the end of water-pipe hose before using it. So that water pipe could be in sure used by different Narghile users.
(25). Lunsan Café; Musttafa Pehlivan. Oramiral Salim Dervisoglu Bulvari, Tel: +90-262-339 47 81, 26.12.04, Hour: 17:59, Receipt No: 15, Price; TL 14,000,000 (YTL 14. -). Two cups of Turkish coffee, three small glasses of Turkish Tea and two Narghile (Water-pipe) Izmit, Turkey.
(26). Kokorec (Cocorech); it is another rotating kebab made completely of sheep intestines. Cleaned and washed empty sheep intestines were coiled around a shish (steel stick) and it is hung before burning charcoal in the flat and long furnace oven. The stick is rotated. When it seemed grilled enough the grilled kokorec is sliced thin by a bigger knife and mixed with some spices, red and black pepper and served within either half bread or on a plate with greens.
(27). Kokorec Office; Kokorec and Kebab Kinds, S.Erkoc. Tepecik Mah. Kapanonu Sok. No: 1, Tel: +90-262-322 81 67, Date; 26.12.04, Hour: 18:28, Receipt No: 9, Price; TL 6,500,000 (YTL 6,50). Izmit, Turkey.
(28). Kemence (spelt as Khemenché); Small violin like musical instrument with three strings, played like a cello. This is an original Turkish Black Sea siders musical instrument.
(29). Efes Birasi; It is in Turkey locally and Internationally best known and famous Turkish beer. A Turkish Company under Danish License produces it. Foreigners who visited Turkey after having tasted its delicious taste never turn another brand names. However I sometimes prefer American origin of Miller’s.
(30). Beer Pub; Eski PTT Meydani, Izmit. Three glasses of Turkish Beer of Efes Pilsen and small tea plateful of salty pistachio as appetizer, Price; TL 9,000,000 (YTL 9. -). Izmit, Turkey.
(J) Writing & typing errors, omissions, mis-evaluation and miss-remembrance are completely excluded and in exception.

This is a tentative edition. Soon I hope I am going to finalize its final edition. An American buddy named Thomas Evans is studying its re-edition. When re-edition is finished off this tentative edition will be replaced with new one.

Acknowledgment; I hereby openly want to express and extend my deep-earth thanks to Mr. Patrick Little from Canada and Mr. Thomas Evans from USA for their kind helps in the re-edition and re-evaluation of grammatical structure and sentence building of my this first English version Travel Essay.

Written and edited By Erkan Kiraz, 26.12.2004 Sunday, Sirintepe-Izmit, Turkey., Re-written and re-edited on 04.01.05.
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